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Welcome to Kbar Frequently Asked Questions

The Set-up

When will you set-up?

We like to set up in plenty of time, so at least 2 hours before the event, and often longer if we’re bringing in the bar unit as well. Some ales will need to sit for more than 8 hours before serving so we may need earlier access in some occasions.

When will you clear away?

We will normally clear and take away immediately after the event, however bar units may sometimes be collected at a later agreed time/date. Times will obviously vary according to access and the size of the bar, however, as a rule it takes arount 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs to clear.

Do I need a license?

The law states that generally you require a license wherever Alcohol is sold, or entertainment provided, in most cases you don’t need a license if the drink is free of charge and the entertainment part of a private party, however it’s best to check with your local governing body if you are in a any doubt. If we’re running your bar for you, we will organise the license and include it as part of our service. This will mean either applying for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) licence if your venue is not licensed or proving our license to your venue if it is.

What time will you serve until?

This will depend on the location of the venue, neighbours, access, local licensing restrictions etc. In most cases though, Midnight is normally acceptable. Later extensions can be obtained, but are often difficult to get.

How much space do you need?

That obviously depends on the number of guests you have. for a standard bar of around 80 to100 guests we like an area about 3M x 3M (9ft sq). If you have more than 100 or so we like to increase the space to allow for extra bar units, fridges etc. so for large events we could require as much as 6M x 3M. Festivals usually need even more space. We have sometimes squeezed into small spaces, but the consequences are slower service and reduced stock/refrigeration.
As well as the bar area we would need space for guests to stand to order their drinks. We would suggest at least 2M wide and the length of the bar. We also need a clearing/washing area if we are to use glass glasses.

Will you need power?

Normally, yes. Our fridges, pumps, tills and lights all use electricity. We will need about 12 amps of power for a standard bar with lager pumps. If we don’t serve draught lager, and use hand pumps for ale, we can get away with about 4 amps. If you’re supplying power from a mobile generator we would draw around 14 Kva and need a 16 amp feed with 13 amp splitters (5 Kva and 13 amp feed without Lager pumps). If you’re supplying mains power we would need a single 13 amp socket, but you would need to be careful about any additional load on the rest of the ring main. We rely on you to get the power to the bar site, but we supply our own cables for use inside the bar area.
If no power is available we can operate without, however, we would need to park a refrigerated van next to the bar area, and wouldn’t be able to offer draught Lager.

Will you need water?

Probably. If we’re using glass glasses we will need water to wash them and a space to do it. We can bring limited water with us if we know in advance, and can use a hose or standpipe for water if required, however we will still need a covered area that we can use for washing, and access to power to heat water. We can use biodegradable plastic glasses if no water is available. Please let us know if either water or a washing area is a problem, and we can come up with a work-around.

Do you need parking?

Yes, we will usually need space to park a large van. Mostly we use only one van, but for large events we may use multiple vans and trailers. We will need to be able to park close to where we are serving from as our bars are very heavy. We will also need access to the vehicles throughout the event as we use them for secure storage, stock and often refrigeration. We sometimes use the our vehicles during the event for collections and pick-ups, so we will also need to be able to move the vehicles safely and without causing disruption to guests.

What access do you require?

We will need to be able to move glasses, stock and equipment from our vehicles to the bar/washing area before, during and after the event. Ideally, the bar area will have it’s own access to the parking. Steps, staircases and lifts can be a problem, so we ask that you let us know in advance if there are any access restrictions, we can usually work around them, but may have to change our stock lists or bring different mobile bar units/refrigeration.

Do you take the waste away?

Of course; if we bring it, we take it back.

The Bar

What equipment do you supply?

Basically everything. We bring everything we need to run a full bar service, that includes the bar units (when required), drink, glasses, refrigeration, pumps, ice, fruit, measures, electrics, staff etc. you don’t need to worry about anything.

What do we need to supply?

Just; space, access, power, water and guests.

How many staff do you put on a bar?

That all depends on how many guests there will be. We like to avoid queues at the bar, but we can’t afford to over-staff (not at our cheap prices anyway!), so we will gauge the staffing against requirements. A typical bar for 120 guests would be 3 to 4 staff switching between bar service and clearing.

Do your staff wear a uniform?

Yes, unless asked otherwise our serving staff will normally wear black trousers (or skirts), black shoes, black or white shirts, waistcoats and a tie. Although, on some sites it may be necessary to wear warm, waterproof or outdoor clothing. We’re sometimes asked to dress down or to dress in theme, Speak-Easy or 1940’s for example, and we will try to blend if we can.

Do you supply glasses?

If we’re running the bar or supplying drink or corkage we will bring the glasses. In most cases we’re unable to supply sufficient glasses for an entire event without washing on-site, so a washing area, power and water will be required.

Do you use glass or plastic ‘glasses’?

Unless stipulated we will supply glass ‘glasses’. We can provide biodegradable plastic if required (a normal requirement for public and livestock areas). For large events and where partying might be ‘enthusiastic’ we often recommend switching to plastic after 7pm.

Can I just hire the Bar units, glasses etc?

We often dry hire our equipment during low seasons, but as a rule we’re very busy in the peak seasons and only offer full bar service. Please drop us a line if you’re looking at hire only and we’ll check availability for you.

Can I hire your services to run a free bar or where I provide the drink?

Yes we do offer a full ‘free’ bar service, please have a look at our packages for prices. We can supply staff, bars, glasses, cleaning etc. for your event where you provide the drink, however, we need to be careful for licensing and quality purposes. Please contact us for more information.

Do you take card payments?

We have mobile card machines and, providing we can get a signal, we accept all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. We ask that guests bring cash or have access to a cash machine in poor signal areas.

Can you run a tab?

Yes, we’re often asked to run tabs and in most cases are happy to oblige.  Tabs are at the discretion of the bar manager and are subject to some checks.

Can I put money behind the bar?

Yes of course, hosts and guests often put money behind the bar. We’re happy to help and will follow requests to limit who can use the funds or what type of drink it can be used for (i.e. no doubles) if requested. Funds can be paid in advance by card, cash or bank transfer. Unused funds will be refunded accordingly.

The Drink

Do you serve Draught, bottles, or cans of Lager?

We do not serve lager in cans, unless specially requested to do so, but we always have a selection of bottles and often a draught lager. If we bring draught we need to be fairly certain that we’re going to get through a barrel as they do not travel well and have a short life, and we may need to reduce our bottled range accordingly.  We stock Stella, Budweiser and Corona bottles (subject to availability).  Barrels are normally Budweiser unless agreed otherwise. Most wedding and party bars are happy not to have draught lager, as bottles have become more popular than pints, (draught ale is a different thing altogether) however, hosts know their guests and we will try to accommodate where we can.

What about Bitters, Ales and Craft Beers?

Bitter has taken a fall in popularity recently.  Historically bitters like John Smiths and Boddingtons were a staple of any bar, but now they’re seldom drunk and are more popular in shandy than as a pint. We carry John Smiths in cans now instead of barrels, and providing it’s supplied either at room temperature or ice cold we find most bitter drinkers accept it.  Ale on the other hand is better on hand pull.  On a standard size bar we normally carry a couple of real ales or craft beers on pump, generally including a Session Ale and a Blonde. We also carry a selection of bottled ales (Doombar usually being one of them) in bottles. On small bars we may drop to one hand pull, or none if the guests are obviously not going to drink it, we still carry bottles though.

What Cider do you have?

We tend to stock Bulmers, although we do vary suppliers from time to time.  We like to hold a standard cider as well as a mixed fruit or berry. The bottles are 500ml, so about a pint.

How about Guinness?

Guinness doesn’t travel well so unfortunately; we can only carry Guinness in cans on our mobile bars.  Our concession bars can have Guinness options.

What Spirits do you bring?

We bring a massive selection of spirits including all the usual suspects you would expect to find at a well-stocked bar: Gin, Vodka, Rum, Whisky, Brandy, Tequila, Jägermeister, Malibu, Amaretto etc. and only use recognised brands such as Smirnoff, Gordons, Captain Morgan’s etc. Not Aldi specials!  Our stock for average size bars includes more than 20 Gins, 11 Whiskeys & Brandies, 5 Rums and 6 Vodkas!

What about Premium Spirits?

We also carry a range of top shelf spirits, slightly more expensive than our standard range, but a must for a quality bar.  Our stock includes a selection of single malt whiskies, Courvoisier cognac, Disaronno, Kraken and Red Leg rums as well as flavoured Gins.

Do you do Shots?

Of course! We have a range of flavoured shots, Tequila, Cointreau, Sambuca and Jägermeister, so Jaeger-bombs and Skittle-bombs aren’t a problem…

How about Cocktails & Mocktails?

We have options to make a limited range of cocktails and mocktails on most bars. We don’t always carry the necessary ingredients or equipment, so if you would like cocktails please let us know before your event.

We can run a basic cocktail bar if requested.  We would usually include a selection of popular cocktails and mocktails. Prices will depend on guest numbers and service times, please call or email us for details.

Do you have a Wine list?

We carry a range of red, white and rosé wines on the bar and serve by the glass or bottle.  For weddings and events, we have a full wine list where bottles are available for advanced purchase. Please take a look at the table wine option in our order section or ask us to send you options.

Can you supply Drinking Water?

Under regulations a serviced bar must provide drinking water free of charge where able. If we’re in a hall or venue with water on tap we are more than happy to comply with the requirements, however if piped drinking water isn’t available, we will need to collect container water for washing and cleaning. Container water carries a taste with it that whilst being fit for drinking has an unpleasant taste, we therefore sell bottled water over the bar as an alternative.
We can offer table water in jugs with ice or water on arrival, please ask for a price.

What about Champagne and Prosecco?

We carry Prosecco on every bar, which is available by the glass or bottle.  Champagne and Prosecco is also available to pre order from our wine list.

What Soft Drinks do you stock?

We have the usual Coke/Diet Coke, Lemonade/Diet Lemonade, Soda and Tonic, as well as Fruit juice, J2O, Energy Drink, Ginger ale, Alcohol Free Beer, Water and Cordials. We can increase soft drink stock for bars that are less alcohol bias.

Do you serve Hot Drinks?

We can offer a range of tea and coffee options, but we don’t stock them as standard.  You can add pre-paid hot drinks from our online order page, or contact us if you think hot drinks would be popular from the bar.

Do you offer an Alcohol-Free bar?

Yes, of course. We often run bars where the venue, religion or ethics dictates an alcohol free bar, or guests are under age (Proms for instance). Our alcohol free bars are stocked with all of the usual soft drinks as well as a good selection of alcohol free drinks and mocktails.  Please contact us to discuss options.

Can I request drinks that you don’t stock?

We try to accommodate where we can. It’s not easy to add a new drink to our standard stock as we run multiple bars, however we can usually sort something out. Please contact us to discuss.

Can I supply my own table wine or toast drinks?

You may find our corkage option easier but we’re happy for you to supply your own wine for the tables or arrange arrival or toast drinks. Below are a few points to consider.

1) As we would hold a temporary license for the premises, or would be acting for the license holder, we will be responsible for drink that we sell under the license, but we also have a responsibility to the outside environment, control of alcohol, substances etc.  This makes it difficult for us to open a bar at the same time that a third party is providing drink. We can trade, but we would need to be sure that the drink provided was within our control and that no licensing laws were being broken.  It’s not possible to have two TEN licenses on the same designated area at the same time, therefore, if for instance your caterer or venue is supplying alcohol and charging for it, we can’t open our service until they have finished and removed their license.

If you provide your own welcome or table drink we may delay the bar service, until after your drinks have been served, in order to protect our staff from licensing implications.  We also need to look at potential operating costs of running a bar at these times.

2) Welcome or Arrival drinks often need to be pre-prepared as guests tend to arrive in groups and at the same time.  In the case of a wedding, the guests normally arrive at a reception ahead of the main wedding party. You will probably need to think about who will prepare and serve your drinks and when they can start.

3) Some drinks are served better chilled. You may need to consider refrigeration or delivering the drink already chilled. Unfortunately, we only bring refrigeration to a site as required, so are unlikely to have either spare fridge room or space/power for a fridge unless previously agreed. Please note that in many cases there will not be easy vehicle access so you may need to consider bringing a barrow along to cut down on your journeys.

4) We pay for trade waste to get rid of our event rubbish, so can’t take your waste with us. Please make sure that you allocate a person/people to collect the bottles after use and dispose of them accordingly (don’t forget dustbin bags or equivalent boxes as stale wine doesn’t smell very nice in the boot of a car). Empty bottles and waste must normally be cleared from a venue before lunchtime on the following day, or earlier if there is a follow-on event (unopened bottles can be left behind as we find them easy to dispose of :-).

5) You will need glasses for wine, flutes for champagne etc. We may be able to hire these to you off season, subject to availability, however if you supply your own you will need to consider storage and delivery as mentioned above. You will also need to make provision for collection of the glasses and correct disposal of breakages (4).

6) We cannot guarantee to be on site to sign for your own drinks or glasses, unless previously agreed, so please make sure that there is someone present to receive/dispatch them.

7) Glasses are normally hired clean and returned dirty (with a washing fee) but hire from supermarkets often means that glasses need to go back clean. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee washing facilities, hot or cold water or the space for washing, unless previously arranged.

8) The glasses for table wine will normally need to be placed on the tables a few hours before the event as tables may not be set before and the glasses will cloud if left overnight in a marquee or outdoor venue. If your caterer hasn’t agreed to put the glasses out, you will need to make sure that you find someone to do it for you. The glasses will probably require polishing (even new glasses are dull when they come out of a transport box).

9) As with the drink in 4 above, the glasses and waste often need to be collected on the same day or early the following day, please note that due to residue smells and danger to wildlife most venues ask that all dregs and broken glass should be removed from outside areas and gardens.

10) It is normal for caterers to leave before table wine glasses are finished with, and it therefore falls to the bar staff to clear wine glasses from the tables and other glass wear from outside drinks receptions etc. If you’re providing your own glasses the bar will not have staff for clearing so you will need to allocate a person/persons to clear the tables during the event and box/wash the glasses afterwards.

11) If you’re providing a reception drink you will also need to consider if you need tables, tablecloths, serving staff, trays, ice buckets, tongs, measures etc.

12) Don’t forget the ice and fruit!

Do you offer Corkage?

Yes we offer a corkage option for wine that takes away the hassle of providing your own drink, and by agreeing to corkage we will be able to open our bars for normal service during your drink service. Corkage is charged by the bottle and includes:

1) Serving staff.

2) Chilling your bottles as necessary on the day of the event (facilities, refrigeration etc. will not necessarily be available before).

3) Placing the bottles (with ice buckets if required).

4) Supplying Glasses (including delivery and collection).

5) Setting and polishing glasses.

6) Water jugs, water and glasses

7) Clearing glasses.

8) Washing glasses (extra charges may apply)

9) Waste and breakage removal.

For corkage prices please refer to our online system or ask us for details

Can my guests bring their own drink?

Unfortunately not; We will be operating under our license, and are either licensing the premises under an issued TEN or using a venue’s Premises license, we therefore have a duty of care to control the alcohol supplied. If your guests bring their own drink, we’re unable to stop them from drinking past a point at which they’re becoming a nuisance to others or a danger to themselves, and this breaks the terms of our license. A breach of licensing regulations can lead to our staff being fined and our license being suspended. We have a clause in the booking Terms and Conditions that aims to prohibit guests from bringing their own drinks, and gives us the right to refuse service or close the bar.

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I hope that we’ve managed to answer most of your questions above, but we’d love to hear from you if there’s anything else you’d like to know, or if you would just rather talk to us than deal with an online system.

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