Unlimited Drinks Package – Silver

Fully licensed and staffed bar with unlimited free drinks from our Silver range.


Fully stocked and licensed bar.  This option is the one where you pay upfront for your guests and the drinks are served free of charge. Simply enter your guest numbers, select your date and enter the times you require the bar for.

This option does not include our 'top shelf' drinks, please have a look at our 'Pre-paid Gold' bar for a complete range.  If you have booked a bar and are adding 'free' drinks for a limited period, we will bring 'top shelf' drinks with us and either cover them over or remove them for the free period, else we can charge guests to upgrade if you prefer.

This option Includes:

  • Licensed bar
  • Range of more than 30 spirits including Gins, Whiskeys, Vodkas,  etc. etc.
  • Range of Lagers, Ciders and Craft ales (draught Lager may not be supplied for low guest numbers)
  • Extensive soft drink options
  • Basic cocktail menu
  • Selection of wines and Prosecco
  • Please refer to the main site for a list of our extensive stock
  • Ice and fruit as required
  • All glasses (plastic if requested)
  • Choice of bar units (or we can use your own if you have one)
  • Refrigeration, pumps, lighting etc. as required
  • Uniformed, trained staff
  • Set up and clear away.
  • Removal of all waste, bottles, plastic glasses etc. supplied from the bar.

We rely on you to provide us with accurate guest numbers.  With a wedding for instance, hosts normally know the exact daytime guest numbers so it's easy to accurately pre-book.  Evening guest numbers can be much more difficult to determine and it's best to ask for RSVP's for all guests when offering an open bar.

If your guest numbers exceed the numbers booked our staff will have a chat with you during the event, you can then choose to pay an upgrade or we can reduce the drinking hours. We can't normally offer a refund for guests that don't turn up because we will have incurred significant costs prior to your bar starting; staff, degradable stock, transport, overnight accommodation etc. so it's best to ere on the side of caution when booking.