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Glasses, Straws, The Environment & Us

Wherever possible we like to use real glass for our bars, we take a good stock of glasses and wash-up on site.  If we’re unable to use real glass (paddocks, cattle fields, playgrounds etc.) we replace glass with reusable plastic glasses.  As a last resort, where washing facilities aren’t available, or the type of event doesn’t allow glasses to be collected, we unfortunately have to result to single use biodegradable plastics.

We use wooden stirrers for our drinks and quality cardboard straws.  All of our waste is segregated and recycled where possible; food, bottles, cardboard and packaging are bagged during bar service and at tidy-up and sent for recycling as appropriate. Waste is rechecked back at our depot before being collected or dispatched, food waste goes to the chickens…

Glass, our preferred option

Reusable Plastic

Biodegradable single use

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